Improving Your Vehicle with Aftermarket Accessories

Detroit, the home of the Big 3. A pinnacle of the American automobile and its ability to transform a mundane drive into an invigorating experience. That's what attracts real enthusiasts, the sensations of freedom that a car or truck offers.

But it's not just about the vehicle, it's about what you do with the vehicle. Yes, adding a trailer hitch will make weekend getaways to the lake easier, but it won't add the excitement that a Flowmaster exhaust system will induce.

As a member of Detroit's Cars and Coffee club, your vehicle is most definitely a big part of your life. Sometimes, it's more than just a power that a vehicle needs. Adding neoprene seat covers guarantee a longer life for your interior and the bonus of added comfort. There's also your windshield to consider (many don't until a rogue rock cracks it). A great way to keep it clean and safe is a bug deflector. They're relatively cheap and are a great way to keep your windshield bug-gut free.

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